Why Do Evernote Script Blocks Appear Differently?

why in Evernote do scripts appear so bland and difficult to read as compared to the original ?
Is it possible to stick to and copy paste the colorful version of will formatting characters be inserted ?
thank you

Since you posted a new, unrelated question, I move your question to a new topic.

The script you show has nothing to do with Evernote. Did you post the wrong screen shot?

IAC, Evernote AppleScripts use the same forum syntax-coloring as all other AppleScripts. An example:

tell application "Finder"
  set fileList to selection
  set oFile to item 1 of fileList
end tell

tell application "Evernote"
  set noteList to selection
  set oNote to item 1 of noteList
end tell

Note that the KM Forum syntax-coloring is not as good as Script Debugger 7+:


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thank you.

There is a misunderstanding: I did not express myself correctly.

I know that Evernote displays the color coding. The top script in my note shows the script in color, just like in your note.

I was wondering why all the color coding disappears when I put the script in a code block (format menu → curly brackets) when a code block is specifically designed to display code.

Short answer: Because Evernote did NOT design its code blocks to provide syntax coloring.

I rarely store scripts (or any code) in Evernote for that and other reasons.
It is easy enough to create a hyperlink to a script file, and store that link in Evernote.

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I understand. thank you.
A while back you reprimanded me for not putting my scripts in code block in this forum.
Since than, I have been heeding your advice and carefully put all my scripts in code blocks in this forum, in evernote, etc. I was just commenting that it causes me to lose the color coding which I find useful.