Why do I get this error message?

I have this very nice macro that creates subfolders with an increasing number for each new subfolder.

I have added some actions (the part in red) to move a Resource subfolder that contains a Hunspell dictionary from the previously created subfolder to the newly created subfolder.

Although this addition seems to work okay, I get this error message, which I don't understand. I would be happy with some clarification:

What am I doing wrong here?

Move sel file(s) to end client subfolder; add new client if needed.kmmacros (17.7 KB)

Move won't overwrite/delete, if it finds a homonymous target in place.

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Like @ComplexPoint mentioned, that action will not overwrite a file if it already exists in the target location.

What I usually do for cases like this is use an If action to see if the file already exists at the target location, and if so, delete it before trying to move the newer version.


For now, I think that I just suppress the error message in the action's setting.