Why Do My Macros with Click at Found Image Not Work When KM is not Running?

The shortcuts made with Click at Found Image that I use in my Finale software only work when Keyboard Maestro software is open. How can I make it work when it's closed?

KM Macros do NOT require that the Keyboard Maestro.app be running, but do require that the Keyboard Maestro Engine be running. If the KM Engine is running and your macros are not triggered, then there is some other problem. Most likely is that the Macros are in Macro Group that is not Active at the time.

I suggest you add a Notification action to the start of the macros you are monitoring then you can see if they are being triggered. You can also check the Keyboard Maestro engine log.

Thanks for your advice!

How do I add a Notification?

And how to check the Keyboard Maestro engine log?

Add notification:

Click on green plus to add an action
In the search box put "notification"
select all actions
click on the notification action

Witk the KM Editor open, click on help and scroll down to open log folder
Select/open engine log.