Why Does My Outlook for Mac Macro Send Email Twice Sometimes

Using Outlook for Mac. I am having an intermittent issue where I've created a macro to send out an email to a specific email address. Works pretty flawlessly, but for some reason Outlook sends a duplicate email right behind it sometimes. I have access to the intended email target and two of the same emails are being received on the recipient end as well when this happens. This doesn't always happen. 80% of the time the macro only sends out the email once, as was the intention. I've tried changing the email send command from command-return (mac keyboard) to command-enter. I'm still having the same issue on about 20% of the test runs and I've scoured the net and this forum to find an explanation. I wouldn't care if it was simply saving two copies of the email in my sent folder (which it is doing), but the recipient is receiving the same email twice and that's not a good look. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I doubt this is a problem with Outlook. I've been using Outlook for decades and have never observed this behavior.
Most likely your KM Macro is being triggered twice.
But it is hard to say without seeing your actual macro.

Hey Jim,

Here's the full macro. Everything works flawlessly until that double-email goes out. As mentioned before, 80% of the time this macro sends out only one email, which is the desired result, but I don't want it ever sending out duplicates. Hope you or someone else can offer suggestions. Thanks.


send out web pu email.kmmacros (19 KB)