Why does the found image action glitch sometimes?

I have found that sometimes the "Pause until found image" action glitches and does not find the image present on the screen. It's not a matter of the fuzziness needing to be adjusted, or the image not being clear enough. One moment it works fine; the next it doesn't. The reason I believe it to be a glitch is because no matter how much adjusting I make to either the fuzziness or inserting a new image, it still doesn't work. The only thing that gets it working properly again is duplicating that action and deleting the original. Literally, by copying and pasting the glitchy action, the pasted version works properly.

Attached is a screenshot of two identical actions (the top one being the original, the bottom one being the duplicated one), where the original returns false and the duplicate returns true.

What does the Display option show?

Im memory serves me, the top one did not highlight anything, while the bottom highlighted the correct image on the screen.

Copy the XML of both actions and see what the difference might be.

They both look the same, but maybe one image is a different size or resolution to the other, or maybe there is some other subtle difference.

I deleted the action that wasn't working so I'll have to wait for it to reproduce to get that info.

But would this happen if the functioning action was a direct copy of the original non-functioning action?

If the action was a copy, then it should be identical.

You show two identical-looking actions, so that leads to only two possibilities I can see:

  • Some sort of user-error, where the two images look the same at the size shown, but are actually different in size or resolution.
  • Some sort of bug in the actions being duplicated.

In my experience over many years, when there are two possibilities, user error and bug, it is almost universally user error. But every now and then there is actually a bug.

And note that “user error” can often implicate poor design choices on my part, which again is far more common than an actual bug in the behaviour.

Anyway, if the two identical-looking actions are behaving differently, then we need to determine what the difference in the two actions is. Uploading your macro (or looking at the XML) would allow that to be determined.

If they are indeed identical, and only one works, does switching their order change which one works?