Why Does The KM Editor Search Return Strange Results?

I wanted to find something so in the KM editor I selected the "All Macros" group and then typed in the word "manipulate" into the search field and what I got as a result was unexpected.The search pulled out 5 macros none of which have the word "manipulate" in them.

See this example:

I'm probably suffering from a form of KM blindness so I'm hoping that some kind soul can restore my sight and explain what's going on :slightly_smiling_face:

same, seeing same results.

Maybe Peter added an internal alias to the Window movers actions

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The image shows the Manipulate A Window action.

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The KM Editor is finding this macro because the base name for this Action is "Manipulate a Window". The Title you see changes when you change the specific action (like "Center at") is selected.

There are a number of Search Filters that you can apply, including limiting the search to text in the name of the Macro. See Search Strings .


Thanks all @NaOH, @JMichaelTX for restoring my vision! Rookie mistake :roll_eyes:

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No problem, but it is really not a "rookie mistake". It is NOT obvious at all that the target Action has a base name of "Manipulate a Window" that will be found by searches.
There a number of KM Actions that have this feature, and even other synonyms to help finding the Action in the Insert Action by Name dialog.

This probably needs to be added to the KM Wiki Search page.


@peternlewis Any chance of getting search strings directly available in the Search field, sort of like this example from the Safari Find field?