Why Don't I Get the Google Title & URL Into a Clipboard?

This was a very rudimentary exercise in the use of variables, not for usage.

Why don't I get the Google Title & URL into a clipboard?

(I wanted the Google Title & URL in a clipboard to then paste it from a Named Clipboard into a running text, when needed - so the last part is 'manually executed.')

Get Chrome url - (from an example by JMichaelTX).kmmacros (3.0 KB)


with best regards, Omar K Neusser, Stockholm, Sweden

Hey Omar,

Because you never set a clipboard to a value – you only copy the tokens to a variable (v_cvut_VarName).

You're trying to set v_gnfv_VarName to:

%NamedClipboard%Serial Clipboard5%

But you've never set Serial Clipboard5 to anything.

If you're wanting to set a named clipboard instead of a variable to the tokens then skip the variable and use:


FWIW I recommend you DON'T use named clipboards unless it's really meaningful to do so. (For long term storage outside the variable space, or for non-text objects.)

That said – you say you're going to paste it later, so I imagine a named clipboard makes sense in your context. (I have 10 global clipboards for such things myself.)