Why I Use KM Palettes and You?

Hello community,

when you use KM, you often have to decide which trigger to use - many single shortcuts or a palette with only one shortcut as trigger?

I use KM to 95% with palettes. Here is an example of how I run my workflow in ScreenFlow, only with palettes.


Use the video link to get the video in a better resolution

Thanks to BetterTouchTool I can control them with touch gestures (trackpad/mouse). So everything really without shortcuts :wink:

Since you can always ewtas to learn, I wanted to ask how you use your KM palettes?

Video/Gifs are welcome :wink:


Yes, for me palettes all the way. I have most of what I need, which is quite small, now on a single palette that I call up with the finder shortcut I used to use for Alfred. ⌘+ spacebar
I have a couple of conflict palettes that will come up though from that. I control those though with the way I name the actions so that the resolution triggers are close to the first key I used on the main palette.
Two examples are 'oopen such and such a file' and also 'oppen a different file' both named that way, misspelt but clear enough. They obviously trigger a conflict palette that is easily and rapidly resolved with virtually no finger movement. It feels like you call up the respective files with typing 'oo' and 'op' once the main palette is open.

Is that intelligible?
A lot of what I do is via this kind of strategy now. once these are in muscle memory there is hardly any delay regarding the conflict palette, in fact sometimes I forget or don't even notice it. I just type 'oo' really from my point of view. I have started recently to examine these kinds of strategy when I started getting confused and felt I was wasting time on hyper keys and so on. Basically though, palettes all the way.

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Adopted your system @appleianer
It is a breeze not to have remember the hot key triggers



Out of curiosity, how are you associating files on Yoink with this Macro?

And on the same note, how are you moving the Yoink drop zone from the left to the bottom?

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Hi @Lucas_Galvao_de_Brit, I have created corresponding folders for the templates in the Finder. the individual templates are passed to Yoink as follows:

04)Right <14B5 211207T132519>.kmmacros (32,3 KB)

The shortcut (red action) then sets the template to the correct size/position in ScreenFlow..

Here is a video of my Yoink workflow with KM.


Here are the KM macros for it:

2021_12_07 PopClip @ Macros <CCD9 211207T131743>.kmmacros (35,4 KB)


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@tudor_eynon this is with me the remaining 5%, where I also work with a shortcut :wink:


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Neat, it is really interesting to see the strategies people use. I go more for that now than making macros almost. As I said I was able to dispense with Hyper Key this way. I prefer that approach.
This is my tudors tricks palette that comes up with ⌘+ spacebar. Stuff I use all the time. Ironically I had to use the native screenshot not the one I do through Keyboard Maestro and is on the palette which artfully excludes somehow Keyboard Maestro palettes! cool as heck actually. :sunglasses:

@tudor_eynon that was the motivation to create this thread.

When I started with KM and saw the benefits of the palettes, I had implemented it that way.

In the meantime, I use a separate palette for each app. However, there are also themed palettes with me.
Here is an example with all the apps that take screenshots or screen captures for me.


I use 2 touch gestures (BetterTouchTool) as triggers, since I have to take the screenshots with the mouse or trackpad anyway.

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KM Palettes

@appleianer, don't want to start a conflict, but they are called Conflict palettes :slight_smile:
pun intended

Thanks as usual!

@hello you are absolutely right :+1:

The word conflict sounds very negative and the (conflict) palettes are a real game changer for me :wink:
Therefore I always say palette to it. I will note it in the future, however, because just new users could get confused. In the KM Wiki I think there is also conflict palette.


Following and interested in the palettes discussion, but of course they're not the only option. I make much use of touch portal on an old (old old old) ipad. You can never have too many ways of triggering KM! Sometimes one will be more appropriate than the others. I can't remember too many shortcuts, and I often need to assign temporary things, so that's when palettes would be better than both shortcuts and TouchPortal for me. I can set up a shortcut in TouchPortal in a couple of minutes, but for really temp things, is it worth it.


I have to deal with Touch Portal, especially since there is also a KM plugin for it.

which should simplify the setup.
In video editing, however, I (still) do a lot with BetterTouchTool touch gestures (mouse & trackpad).
It's the more comfortable workflow for me, since I already use my hand there. But to try something new, does not hurt.

In video editing, however, I (still) do a lot with BetterTouchTool touch gestures (mouse & trackpad).
It's the more comfortable workflow for me, since I already use my hand there. But to try something new, does not hurt.

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Yes it really points to our different setups, I don't use touch pads at all. Thanks for the plugin, I use a simple script to interface with it, but will check this out too. Amazing what comes out of side conversations :slight_smile: Thanks!

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@DMA accurate :+1:
There is something new to discover every day to improve your automation workflow.

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I've been having trouble toggling Palettes with Hyperkey.app. And I don't want to use Karibiner-Elements.

But I just got a Stream Deck XL so I have a physical palette with 32 programmable keys and I will be able to trigger all the Keyboard Maestro macros I could possibly want. I'm extremely happy with this device originally created for streamers, but is a killer productivity tool. (And they make an iPhone App that simulates the 15-Key Stream Deck.)

Difinitely something worth looking into if you're wanting lots of buttons to push.