Why is this returning false?

Why is this returning false?

You can see NOWTIME=4180 in the action and LAUNCHTIME=4101 in the preferences pane.

I don’t know but you should check your spelling of Launch...


Keyboard Maestro is marking the LAUCHTIME+60 expression in orange, which means that the expression would be OK, except that it is currently not because a variable, in this case LAUCHTIME, does not have a valid numeric value.

As @kcwhat eluded, this is caused by the misspelling of the variable name.

If you copy the (misspelled) variable name in to the search field, it would help you notice this by failing to find the correctly spelled variable.

In other words, any mis-spelling creates a NEW variable.
If the macro has not been run, then the variable has no (previous) value and will show in orange, as it is is uninitialised.

( I speak from bitter experience having spent many hours trying to work out why a macro was not working, only for it to be mis-spelt variable name).

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Yes. My bad.