Why KM is not sold on the app store?

In this day and age of hacking, why is KM being sold outside the app store ?

End users its seen as a way for the developer to hide something from apple's review.

The main developer's intent might have been noble but do they not think that the only public reflection of their "ethics" is how their team reflects their attitude on a discussion forum about the application.

Only applications that are sandboxed may be sold on the Mac App Store.

Keyboard Maestro cannot be sandboxed, since there is no entitlements/permissions for many of the things that Keyboard Maestro does.

Therefore, Keyboard Maestro cannot be sold on the Mac App Store.

This is Apple’s choice, not mine.

I entirely resent this accusation, and iI would strongly suggest you not use Keyboard Maestro if that is your opinion. Personally, I have a reputation of producing quality mac software going back for twenty years, and could provide dozens of character references of high profile Mac notables if necessary.

What team are you referring to? I am the only one at Stairways, so there is no team, just me.

Everyone else here who helps is doing so out of the kindness of their heart, entirely voluntarily, a fact for which I personally am very grateful, as are many many others who have gained from the hard, often thankless, and entirely voluntary work provided by a number of people, including, clearly, the one you recently had a disagreement with.

I suggest you let go of your angst and move on, or you will not get the value out of this forum, and out of the many people volunteering their precious time to help others.

And failing that, I suggest you stop using Keyboard Maestro and leave the forum. You are entirely welcome here if you can let go of your issues and move forward. But otherwise I suggest you move elsewhere.



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