Why no time options for "is tapped twice", "is tapped three times" available?

Would´nt it be possible adding a time set option for macros, so twice, 3 times tapped options would be possible for everyone without spending big time searching, downloading macros .......... ? Just a simple little button where you could set a time delay, so KM could understand what is coming there. A simple pressed button, tapped twice, ......... and so on. Should´nt this be pretty easy to include in KM app?

But not, alas, very easy to understand what you are suggesting ...

Example ?
Diagram ?

There may be many ways to provide time delays. I'm going to suggest one method. One way (not the only way, but a pretty simple way) would be to use the Control or Command key to insert 5 or 15 seconds delay before the macro runs. Here's how I did it:

When I press CTRL or CMD in combination with the F3 key, a time delay of 5 or 15 seconds will be added. That's pretty simple. I'm hoping that that's the kind of thing you are looking for, but I could be wrong. You asked for "a simple little button where you could set a time delay" and that's basically what I did - pressing the CTRL button while triggering the macro would insert a 5 second delay.

There is a small side effect of my approach, which is that the F3 key is also passed to whatever app you are using. You can solve that by changing the trigger key to a USB key that your app does not "process." You didn't say what your app was, so I can't solve that problem at the moment. If you name the app, I can probably help you find a trigger that won't impact your app.