Wiki Article "Move or Rename" Needs Rewrite

###action:Move or Rename a File [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I fixed some stuff, but really it needs a complete rewrite.
It is very confusing as is.
See wiki article for details.

Thanks for that.

Yes, New Folder is a separate action. It could probably be combined I suppose, but its separate. I added a new page for it (New Folder action) and a link to this and removed direct references from the page.

Delete will only delete files not folders.

Delete Directory will recursively delete a folder and all its contents. It is an extremely dangerous action.

Conceptually, moving an item changes its full path from one thing to another. This encompasses moving it to a new location but keeping its name unchanged, changing its name but keeping its parent folder unchanged, or moving it to a new location with a new name. I added some info on this.

I have moved the info to File Actions action and redirected all the others there.

Hopefully that is somewhat improved.

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Thanks, Peter. That’s much better.