Wiki documentation for triggers, actions, etc

Hi all,

I am adding support for a future version of Keyboard Maestro to link directly to the wiki for help for each trigger, action, text token and function.

But that makes for quite a lot of documentation (almost 400 wiki pages), most of which is fairly basic. I’m wondering if there are any folks who would like to help fill in the wiki pages for at least the basics of each of them, and then they can be refined over time with more details.

I’ve put together a web page that shows all the potential entries, as well as which pages have been done/need doing. As the pages are added, they get automatically added to the wiki overview pages. And the wikipages link has the exact page names so that the help will work from the future version of Keyboard Maestro directly.

So if anyone is interested, please let me know - probably best by email as I will have to create a wiki account for you, and I need a username and email address for that, and I can give a few more details about the requirements.

Otherwise I’ll have to do it myself, and I’d rather spend my time developing other features for Keyboard Maestro instead of writing documentation.

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Hi Peter

I would like to help as my time permits.Is there some sort of template for the text?Because I know my way around KM, but does not know everything.

Kind regards Jimmy Hartington

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Hello Peter,

I’m in the process of doing the same for CafeTran: I’ve found the restrictions of the wiki approach: it is very difficult to create a hierarchy. And users are always asking for a manual/PDF. So I’m investigating the possibilities to migrate the wiki to a Help&Manual TM solution.

A wiki can become hard to manage.



@JimmyHartington there is no real template, as it is for the most part just a few paragraphs of text. I have made the first one or two of each class so that would act as a template of sorts. Shall I create a wiki account for you?

@HansL I agree a wiki makes it difficult to create the hierarchy, which is why I went outside the wiki to do that. First, all the available triggers, actions, tokens and functions are generated from the Keyboard Maestro code into a database, and then that database, together with the current hierarchy on the wiki, generate a page on that show the hierarchy and which entries need doing.

This ensures there should be seamless direct linkage from within Keyboard Maestro to the wiki help since only pages that are already listed (on the page) are created. The wiki overview pages are automatically generated from the created pages.

Hi Peter

I would still like to help, so please create the wiki account.

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Peter, I’d be glad to help. I will send you an email shortly.

As a relatively new KM user, hopefully I’ll be able to add stuff that new users need to know but that the more experienced of you might think is obvious. :smile:

Of course, if there is any doubt, I’ll first post in the forum to get validation.

Thanks for opening the wiki up to your users.

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