Wiki: Getting Started vs Quick Start

###Wiki: Getting Started vs Quick Start
I think there is some confusion here, or at least I am confused. :wink:

The Home Page [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] has links to both:

###Where is a New Keyboard Maestro User Supposed to Start?

If I'm a newbie, both of these sound much the same to me, so there's no clear direction.

However, IMO, neither page is complete, or needs improvement:

  • Getting Starting
    • It does reference and provide a link to Quick Start, but will the user actually go there?
  • It has some good stuff, but then there are sections titled by the author, neither of whom I've ever heard of, nor see active in the forums.
  • We don't do this on any other page, so first of all this content needs to be seamlessly integrated with the other (or maybe just removed).
  • Quick Start
    • In general I think it is good, but it really is just a glossary.
    • Since these are already in the actual Glossary, perhaps we should just provide a link to it.
    • Maybe in the Glossary we need to highlight these key terms?

###I haven't come to any conclusions yet, but these are my current thoughts I'm putting out for your comment:

BTW, I have a "Getting Started" list I got from one of Peter's posts, and then added a few mods. Some of this is already in the Wiki Getting Started.

###@JMichaelTX's Getting Started List
(mostly from a post by @peternlewis)

Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro

  • Read the Quick Start.
    • This is essential to become familiar with KM terminology
  • Do the tutorial (Help ➤ Tutorial) in the KM Editor.
    • Gives you a live walkthrough of creating a macro in the KM Editor
  • Review/Browse the Available Macro Actions
  • For Help with an Action in your Macro, click on the gear icon at the top right of the Action, and select "Help"
  • Search the Keyboard Maestro Wiki for detailed help.
  • Start small, and grow your macros organically.
  • Be prepared for some trial and error in the beginning.
  • Make good use of this Keyboard Maestro Forum
    • Search for existing macros
    • Post your questions/issues if you get stuck

###Your thoughts?

Conceptually the difference is intended as:

  • Everyone should read the Quick Start. It defines the terms and components of Keyboard Maestro.
  • Getting Started is for people who want to read first before diving in.

There are two kinds of people who build IKEA bookshelves, people who read instructions first and people who pick up the screw driver first. Getting Started is the instructions for those people who want to read them first, or for those people who can’t figure out where the bits line up later.

The Quick Start is more just to get everyone on the same page in terms of what they are talking about.

So the idea then is that everyone should read the Quick Start and do the Tutorial, and it should take no more than a couple minutes. Originally the Quick Start was a built in page in the application, and maybe it still should be.

This is also why the first two steps of Getting Started ate in fact Read the Quick Start and Do the Tutorial.

Not that I would necessarily say the the documents are doing their jobs as well as they could, but that is the design goal.

I think your logic fails logic 101. LOL
BOTH require reading. So those that don't read instructions, won't read either, including Quick Start.

Those that don't read won't even go the Wiki, much less to Quick Start.

Maybe others see it differently, but to me they are both the same.

This is why the Welcome page appears on launch with the Quick Start from and center.

Anyway, at least I can say “Well, have you read the Quick Start and done the Tutorial?”

Seems like the current setup is workable and logical, based on the Getting Started page beginning with, “The first things to do are: Read the Quick Start…”

If anything, for connectedness and in the spirit of helping new users, a link at the bottom of the Quick Start page over to the Getting Started page might be beneficial.