Wiki Issue: Duplicate Pages for "Macros"

###Wiki Issue: Duplicate Pages for “Macros”

We seem to have two pages for “Macros”:

One is in the general (is that the proper term?) Wiki, and the other is in the “manual:” Wiki.
This, of course, is very confusing and presents an unnecessary maintenance hardship.

I just updated the “manual:” Wiki, not realizing that it was the “manual:” version:
manual:Macros [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

@peternlewis, can we please combine these, and have just ONE wiki page for “Macros”? Of course, there are numerous links to both pages, so you will need a redirect for the one you remove.


Yes, it is part of the grand unification that is not complete yet - I’ve been coding instead.

I have merged the two into the manual.

The same issue applies to Macro Groups page (which I have not done at this point, and probably a bunch of others yet.


I think you forgot to add a redirect for the old page.
I get this when clicking on a link to it:

This topic does not exist yet

I removed all the references to it. At least I think I did, though I suppose there might be remote ones like on the forum.