Wiki Issue: How Do I Get an Ordered List?

@peternlewis, what is the proper KM Wiki syntax to get an ordered list?

I have followed the DocWiki instructions, but it is not working.

My Source:

====== PlayGround ======

test list -- this should be an ordered, numbered, list, but it is not.

- line1
- line2
- line3

Another list, this with a 2-space indent

  - line1
  - line2
  - line3



No idea I'm afraid. Use numbers maybe?

@peternlewis, since you are the official user of DocWiki, maybe you could submit a problem report to them.

Markdown uses:

1. one
1. two
1. three

Try that. Seems to work.

That generally works, but does NOT allow bullets as sub-items, as it did before.

Here is what I want:

  1. Main Item is ordered
    • sub-items are bullets
    • another sub-item
  2. Another main item

Don't see any way to achieve that.

Looks like you are out of luck.

Given that unordered and ordered list markup don't actually produce ordered list results, I would presume they don't care much about it, or there is a conflict with one of the installed plugins.