Wiki locked until 8.0

I have locked the wiki for now. I have made a copy of it and will edit it the changes for 8.0, and then replace it later.

This seems the easiest way to deal with the live wiki while not actually releasing the documentation for 8.0 until the new version is released.

If you’re a beta user and want to help document the new version, email me for the details.


Peter, what is your plan for making changes to the wiki for Ver 8?

  1. Will there just be one ver of the wiki that shows the latest ver?
  • Will changes to the wiki for Ver 8 be marked in a clear and consistent way?
  • Will there be any way to search for all pages that changed for Ver 8?
  • Will there continue to be pages on the same subject for both the “normal” wiki, and the “manual” wiki?

Yes. Although there will be (already is) a historical version of the User Manual for version 7.

That is the plan.

I doubt it. Well, maybe searching for the mark for v8, but that is likely to be short (like v8), so I don't know how well searching will work. Finding info on the new version will best be done in the What's New section as usual.

That continues to be an ongoing process of harmonisation. Some improvement may be made, though it wont be a specific focus of work at this point (getting the v8 docs complete will be the focus, with a lack of regression in this area, but not necessarily improvement per se).