Wiki plugins

I have updated a bunch of the plugins on the wiki. If you see anything that is broken, let me know.

I have also added the HTML Comment Plugin to the wiki at @ccstone’s request. Use HTML style comments like <!-- This is a HTML comment -->. Two notes:

  1. This plugin is not compatible with the future version of dokuwiki. I don't really have any intention of updating it currently, but that might be an issue in the future.
  2. The comments appear in the rendered HTML as comments. So while they don’t appear, they will be there for anyone who looks at the source, so do not put anything inappropriate in there (either nasty or private). Consider anything in the comments to be public to end users even though they are not actually rendered.
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Hey Peter,



Nyet. It's just helpful to be able to provide documentary comments when more than one person is maintaining the Wiki. I have no plans to get verbose with these, but it's helpful to be able to add commentary if/when needed.


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Could you please provide a list to the plugins, and instructions on how to use?

I think those are all the syntax related ones anyway.

Generally its best to stick to the native stuff where possible - it is likely the wiki will have to change one day (I've never been thrilled with it, it just seems the best available that was suitable).


Seems to be a dead link.

This one is working:

Markdowku DocuWiki Plug-in