Wiki Redirects on Safari Control Actions

I find this page very confusing, and I suspect many others do as well, especially those new to Keyboard Maestro:

action:Submit Google Chrome Form [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

My first reaction is that the Wiki redirected me to the wrong page, since I clicked on the Safari action, but was redirected to a Chrome action.
At that point I actually quit reading the page, and close the page or search for something else.

IMO, all Wiki redirects that are for pointing multiple Actions to the same page should go to a common, non-Action-specific, page, that is appropriately titled.

So, if you really want all "Safari Control" and "Google Control" actions to redirect to the same page, then that page should be titled something like:

Controlling Safari and Chrome Web Pages

That would be a big improvement, but I think a better solution is to have a common page for only one KM Action type, like "Set Checkbox (Safari and Chrome)."

Your thoughts?

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Yes, I agree. And the “canonical” page is often not the most appropriate page either for these linked actions.

One concern is that the Actions page lists all the entries in the action: namespace, and so such canonical pages will appear in that list if they are also in the action: namespace. This is probably not a bad thing per se, but something to keep in mind when naming them.

Some of them should perhaps just be broken apart in to separate pages, one for each action, although it is a bit tricky for the Safari/Chrome actions since they are inevitably paired and we don’t want duplicated content that just gets out of date.

There is also the option of having a separate page elsewhere that covers the concepts, and then smaller individual action pages that reference them. Alternatively it is possible to include other pages to avoid duplication while avoiding the reader having to follow too many links.

@peternlewis, thanks for your response.

However, I’m not sure what specific changes you plan or recommend. Could you please be more specific?

In a related way, this brings up a question I have had for a long time: Do we really need separate Safari and Chrome Actions?

I would love it if each of these common Actions offered an option for:

  • Both (Safari and Chrome)
  • Safari
  • Chrome

where the “Both” would respond based on the FrontMost app.

Is this feasible/desirable/possible?

I don’t have a specific answer. I agree it is a problem, but I don’t have a specific solution in mind.

It is possible. One problem with being too generic is that people are going to assume it will work in Firefox or whatever other web browsers they are using, when only Chrome & Safari offer AppleScript support.

Perhaps the choice list could indicate the browsers supported, something like this:

  • FrontMost Browser (Safari or Chrome)
  • Safari only
  • Chrome only

Perhaps. It’s easier said than done - clarity requires space and there is no always space available.

I will note it down to ponder.

Until/IF you decide to make any changes to the actual KM Actions, I believe the Wiki could be improved with minimal effort.

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Done for the next version.