Wiki: Troubleshooting Article Needs Reorganization

Wiki: Troubleshooting Article Needs Reorganization

IMO, the current Troubleshooting [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] article is too long, and thus becomes overwhelming to many users, including me. My eyes glaze over. :wink:

Maybe we need a simple top-level page, which is just the top-level of the below outline. Then a separate page for each major heading. OR, maybe the top-level page should be the complete TOC, so the user can search/scan?? What do you guys think/prefer?

I propose that we reorganize it with headings and subheading, something like this. This is just a draft and needs your review and feedback.

I have tried to put the outline in the order of most-often occurring issue:

Table of Contents

Macro Issues
	Macros Not Firing (Triggered)
	Macros Not Firing After I Login
	Macros Not Being Saved
	Timing (of Actions)

Action Issues
	Sometimes the Wrong Thing is Pasted
	Sometimes Typing in Password Fields Drops Characters
	Removing Styles Changes The Text

Palette Issues
	No Palettes or Dialogs Appear
	The Global Floating Palette has disappeared

Trigger Issues
	Typed String Triggers Not Working
	Not Being Able To Enter a Hot Key
	Unable to Use Typed String Trigger (Secure Input Mode)

Application Issues
	Something Unexpected is Happening
	Run-Away Login Macros
	Reinstall Keyboard Maestro
	Preference Write Failed (how would the user know?)
	App Translocation Security
Issues with Other Applications
	Apple Mail -- Insertion Cursor Vanishes ( current title: The Case of the Vanishing Insertion Cursor in Mail
	Photoshop and Finale -- The Select Menu Item Action Is Not Working
	Google Chrome -- Actions are Not Working
	Safari -- Actions are Not Working

Script Issues
	Scripts Are Not Working Because the Path is Wrong When Executed in Keyboard Maestro
	Execute Script Actions are Not Working

User Interface Issues
	White Menus or White Switchers or Palettes
	Stuck Modifiers Keys and Wacom Drivers

macOS Issues
	Yosemite GM and Accessibility Settings Problems
	Yosemite and Accessibility Settings Problems

Virtual Machine Issues
	Not Working With Parallels

Other Issues
	Other troubleshooting information

Also a number of the headings that many users many not recognize or understand.

  • The headings need to be in terms the user will understand.
  • They need to be in terms of the symptom the user sees.

@peternlewis, is there any automated way to reorganize the wiki page using just a new TOC? Or does it require the usual hard labor? :wink:

If it is reorganised, then it probably will want to be in a new namespace.

Note that there is a new assistance namespace, which covers a lot of topics, and which is linked to directly from the editor in the Assistance window - user extreme care in adjusting anything in that area since it is integrated tightly with the editor.

That said, it may provide destination link points for some of the topics.

No, I donโ€™t believe there is any automated way of doing anything with the wiki.

Iโ€™m not convinced that changing the structure is necessarily a good idea - someone having trouble with a macro not firing is unlikely to know what category to look in, they would not know to look in Macro Issues page. In that respect, it might be better to remain a single page, but perhaps with more structured organisation within the page.

Some of the issues are archaic now and could probably be removed. Iโ€™m pretty sure the White Menus/Switchers issue is gone now for example.