Wiki: Typo in Icon Chooser Article[]=icons

3rd paragraph from the end:

"If not icon well is selected" → "If no icon well is selected"

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Thanks for reporting.
It has been fixed.


Further clarification of this topic:

1. Other ways to set an icon

AFAICT, this is the only place where it is mentioned or even hinted (only hinted here) that there are any other methods for creating an icon other than the icon chooser. The single reference is:

Icons set any other way will take up more storage in your macros.

It is currently left to the reader to figure out what those "other ways" might be. AFAICT, it is not possible to set an icon to refer to a file, so that leaves pasting in a clipboard image. This should be mentioned explicitly, rather than leaving the reader to guess. It's also possible to select an icon from another macro that was set using the Icon Chooser and pasting that in will, presumably, have the same overhead as the original, much less than a pasted image. But the current wording implies that this is not recommended.

I recommend changing the above to:

Icons created without the Icon Chooser, e.g. by pasting an image from the clipboard, will take up more storage in your macros.

That will at least let the reader know that it's possible, even if not recommended.

2. Clarify order of operations

The current text says:

If an icon well is not selected when you open the Icon Chooser, then it will retain the settings that were last used.

This is incorrect. The Icon Chooser can be already open and you can then select an icon well and it work as expected. Change the text to:

If an icon well is not selected when you select an icon in the Icon Chooser, then your selection will be ignored, the selection will not apply to whatever macro is open, you must explicitly select the icon well.