Wiki Update: AppleScript for KM 6+

Continuing the discussion from Get a KM variable in Applescript in Keyboard Maestro 6?:

Submitted for your review, comment, and/or correction, the following section of the Wiki article has been updated:

###AppleScript Prior to Ver 7.1

###Primary Changes

  1. Replaced the scripts written for Ver 7.0.2 with those that are compatible with Ver 6+
  • Adjusted the section titles

I figured at this point anyone on Ver 7 is well past 7.0.2, and there was no script still available for Ver 6, so I just replaced the 7.0.2 scripts.

Both the “get” and “set” scripts are presented as handlers, which mimic the behavior of Ver 7.1+ “getvariable” and “setvariable”. Seems like this would be the most common use case.