Wiki Update: Clipboard Condition

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Clipboard Condition

Primary Changes:

  1. Rewrote to make comparison criteria more clear.
  2. Added icon, screenshot, example, table of criteria.

Looks good.

I changed the text of the is <= to is ≤, even though it is actually now incorrect, because <= was mapping via some setting on the wiki to an arrow of some sort which was even more wrong that ≤.

And, of course, I removed the horizontal lines, cuz that's how I roll.

There was also a paragraph that ended with a couple spaces and so was joined with the following paragraph, which I fixed up.

But most of that is cuz I'm way too much of an editor :wink:

Thanks. Looks good.

The point is for the list to exactly match the popup list, so the user can easily understand. So I think that was not a really good idea.

You should be able to fix the wiki by putting the text in back quotes.

I changed them back using back quotes, and it looks fine and matches the popup.

Well I'd glad you don't let clear style get in your way rolling down the pike. LOL

So, you've found a new word, "cuz"? A bit informal for you, isn't it? :wink:

Sounds good.

I've used “cuz” for decades - informal is fine for text, just not for documentation.

Thanks for all your efforts.