Wiki Update: Clipboards

Submitted for your review, comment, and revision, the following Keyboard Maestro Wiki article has been revised:

I would ask for each of you to give this a careful review. There were many things in the previous version that were left unsaid. So I had to make best use of the forum and my memory in writing this, both of which are subject to error. :wink:

There has been much confusion about the Keyboard Maestro Clipboards recently, and hopefully this will provide the clarity and answers many have been looking for.

It is a major rewrite, in terms of both content and organization.

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As of Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 8:46 PM CST, I have made some more updates:

  • Clarifying Named Clipboards (thanks to Chris for his feedback/suggestions)
  • Clipboard History: Added screenshot and descriptive text
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Looks good. I went through and made some minor changes, added a bit more emphasis on the System Clipboard/Default Clipboard confusion, but not many changes.