Wiki Update: Focused/Focussed Window Trigger

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###Focussed Window Trigger


  • Description of Trigger Options to clarify window title changes vs window’s title changes
  • ADD Screenshot
  • Icon

Per Peter's post at:

I added the clarification that the “focussed window title” will not change if you change to a different window with the same title.

Also, it’s probably better to use bold rather than LOUD for emphasis…?


Use of CAPS seems to be a matter of style and clear communications to me. Some people seem to be overly sensitive to CAPS. I don't use CAPS for everything, only for things that I want the reader to pay attention to.

But it is YOUR product/wiki. Please feel free to edit any of my posts to YOUR wiki to fit YOUR style.

Just so you, and everyone, understand my style, I do NOT consider use of selective CAPS to be "shouting". I consider it to be the same as when I am talking to someone, and I want to emphasize a certain word or phrase. In real life, I don't think I ever shout at anyone, except in case of extreme emergency.

OK, you know me, I like a little bit of formalism on the wiki (being a pedantic sod is part and parcel of being a Mac developer I guess). I’ve changed them.

I have started a Style Guide for the wiki.