Wiki Update: FrontBrowserJavaScript Token

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FrontBrowserJavaScript (v8+) Token

Primary Changes:

  1. Major rewrite.
  2. Add Examples.

Obviously the corresponding articles on the Safari and Chrome tokens needs a similar update. @peternlewis, I thought you might have an easy way of replicating this.

Looks good.

I don't see any way of dealing with the other two pages other than:

  • Redirect the other two pages to this page and deal with all three tokens in one page
  • Link to this page as having more details from the other two pages
  • Duplicate the content to the other two pages

Duplicating the content provides the best user experience for readers, but the worst use case for editors and leads to errors down the track.

For most similar cases, I've used the first method.

OK, let's go with your usual method: redirect.
I assume you have to do that.

Any editor can do it, you just edit the page and replace it with something like:


When you go to that page it just redirects straight to the other page, with a note at the top of the page allowing you to go back (without redirection) and edit the page as necessary.

Obviously, it is something to do judiciously, so it should be used relatively rarely, but it is useful for cases like this where a set of actions are related.

Indeed it is done for the similar Execute a JavaScript in Browser actions.