Wiki Update: Keyboard Maestro App Menus

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###Keyboard Maestro App Menus

Just made it more readable by reducing the huge headings to one level lower, and removed the parent menu name.

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can’t find the “Paste Above” command on the Edit menu…
running 7.3.1

You have to hold down the Option key (⌥) when the menu is open.

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Holding the Option key is the Mac-like way for alternative commands (not only KM).

So, for example, the Finder’s File menu:

The commands with the green marks are only available with the Option key down.

Or, another example, the WiFi menu gives you many informations if you option-click it:


that’s really nice to know. thank you again.

Hey @gustavomd,

Use the search field in the Help men and search for “above” or “paste above” or “paste”.

Amongst the things it looks for are menu items that contain the search string.

This is a system thing and should work for all apps.


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thanks! macos always has these little niceties that you’re always discovering…

this paste above command is good, but what i wished KM had was a move up or down an action like Automator has.

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Yep, I can see how that would be useful.
For now, I just use the mouse to drag/drop.
BTW, if you hold down the OPTION key, it will drag a copy of the selected Action.