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###Actions [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]


  • ADD animated GIF of demo showing how to add an Action
  • ADD sections for “Definition” and “How to Use”
  • ADD section for Testing for Success or Failure of an Action
  • UPDATE section on Plugin Actions

@peternlewis, I tried to find an article for “Plugins” in the new manual wiki, but could not find one. I search the wiki on all combinations of “plug” and “in”, with and without a space, with and without quotes.

Has this section of the external manual not been converted yet, or did it miss it?
Plug In Actions

####EDIT: 2016-06-23 00:13 CT

I’m not sure why I could nof find this before, except maybe singular vs plural (plug in vs plug ins):
manual:Plug In Actions [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

I just did a few google searches, and it would appear that the most common reference is to either “plugin” or “plug-in”. Even when I search for “plug in” (without the quotes, most hits have “plugin” or “plugins”.

A KM Wiki search for “plugin” would not find the “plug in” pages, except for there being a few lines in the page that uses “plugin”.

Neither “plug in” nor “plugin” is in the manual:Glossary [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

My preference would be to use “PlugIn” everywhere, but that may not be practical at this point. If not, then maybe we could add a “Synonyms” column to the Glossary, and enter “Plugin” there. Do we need worry about plural forms, or will the Wiki search do that for us?

We also need to add links to the terms in the Glossary. Currently there are none.

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