Wiki Update: Macro Groups

Submitted for your review, comment, and/or revision, the following Wiki article has been updated:

Macro Groups

Primary Changes:

  1. Major rewrite
  2. Reorganize/consolidate various statements
  3. Add several examples and screenshots
  4. Add article icon, heading, and sections to create TOC.

I'm still not completely happy with this update, but hopefully it is better, clearer, and more comprehensive than before. I more than welcome anyone who can make further improvements. For example, the "Setup" section is split between "basic" and "advanced", with some examples in between. This can definitely use improvement.

This is a complicated subject as it deal with the complex topic of macro activation. There are many options and combinations of options that make it a challenge to present clearly and succinctly. So, if you can improve, please do so. Please post notice of your updates here.


It looks good to me, even with the separation of setup for simple and complex cases.

Thanks for your efforts!

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