Wiki Update: New Article on Macro Activation

Submitted for your review, comment, and/or revision, I have create a new Wiki article:
###Macro Activation [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Also, the existing article, Macros, was updated to:

  • ADD a section on “How to Run a Macro”
  • Provide a link to the Macro Activation article.

There is also an article on manual:Macros [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] in the User Manual part of the wiki. I would think it also needs this update, but I did not want to make any changes since Peter is still in the process of cleaning up the conversion of the manual to the wiki.

So I put the writeup on Macro Activation in a separate wiki page that can be linked to from anywhere.

The Macro Activation article was based on this discussion:

Looks good.

“One of its Triggers must be invoked” is not entirely accurate as macros can be triggered by lots of other means (like Trigger Macro by Name, the Web Server, Macro Group Palettes, etc). If you take a broad enough definition of “One of its Triggers”, it is true, but it is vague.

Yes, I have not come close to completing the harmonisation of the User Manual, so just adjusting the Macros page was the right course. When I do, I’ll merge and/or adjust them as appropriate.