Wiki Update: Palettes

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Primary Changes:

  1. Reorganized
  2. Added info to Macro Group Palettes from the "How Do I" page
  3. Add screenshots
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Looks good. I made a few trivial edits. Thanks.

Why did you remove my "See Also" to Forum Palettes tag?

Palettes are a complex subject, and this provides a great resource for those who need more examples and ideas.

Because it is not appropriate in the Manual section, which also generates the PDF for the manual.

There are no See Also sections in those pages. Definitely not for just a search the forum link. Even the other link to the forum I nearly deleted, but left it as a special case.

I hope you remember that I warned you against having two sets of pages in the Wiki.
Having the same subject on two different pages is either double the work, or one is always wrong/out of date. Database management 101.

Using a PDF for a dynamic document like the KM wiki makes no sense to me. Yes I know some people think they want it, but do they know they are likely to be getting out of date info?

PDFs are good/OK for documents that you update just a few times a year, at most.

So, I suggest that you take all of the improvements I made to the "manual" pages and copy them to the non-manual pages. Going forward I'm not going to touch "manual" pages. That's on you.

No problem - you are never under any obligation to make any changes to the wiki.

Some people - actually, lots of people - really want the PDF. The pdf is downloaded roughly 50 times per day. I don't know why, but that's the world I live in. So yes, the manual section is important, and has to have a restricted structure, different from the reference material in most of the rest of the wiki.

And how many times a day is the Wiki accessed?

Sorry, but 50/day is hard to believe, unless you are getting 50 new users/day.
I think it is a reflex action. Most apps don't have a great Wiki like KM does, and the so called "Help" provided in the Help menu is usually terrible. So downloading a PDF is really needed for most apps.

I hope you have a link to the Wiki in the KM PDF, so users can quickly get the latest info.