Wiki Update: Search Strings

Submitted for your review, comment, and revision, I have updated:
###manual:Search Strings [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Peter, I didn't realize until I was finished that this page is part of the User Manual section of the wiki. Feel free to revert if you so desire.

###Primary Changes

  1. ADD: Trigger by Name Action to the list of searches that use this
  2. CHG: Rewrote some of the description to (hopefully) make it clearer
  3. CHG: Added columns to table for "Short form" and "Examples"

###Fixes Needed

I added one statement that I am not sure about, and needs to be verified or changed:

Note that the Trigger Macro by Name Action will automatically apply a filter of only “active” macros.

It makes sense, and a quick test appears to verify it. Good work!

Looks good. I changed the wording slightly for some of it, and removed the FIXME part.

The User Guide is not off limits per se, just tread lightly.

I should lock down the legalese pages though, but I haven’t done that yet either.