Wiki Update: Token Text Processing

Submitted for your review, comment, and/or revision, the following Wiki article has been updated:


Primary Changes:

  1. Added a section on Text Processing
    • Mainly to provide info on the new KM9 case conversion tokens, but also to reorganize this info.

Looks good. I'm not sure if it should be above or below the reference list. The page is mostly for being a table of contents for the tokens, and it is duplicating the information from the manual, so the duplicated information might be better below the reference (or just a link to the token manual page).

I believe it is best ABOVE the list:

  1. You can easily see the list below it, but not the other way around -- the list is too long.
  2. Everything is shown in the TOC
  3. The "manual" should NOT be the primary reference, since all of the KM Editor links go to non-manual pages.
  4. I had a very hard time finding this info, even after extensive searching of the wiki.
  5. Even though you consider these as "tokens" none of them appear in the KM Editor Token menus, or even in the "Insert Token by name"
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