Wiki Update: Trigger Macro by Name Action

Submitted for your review, comment, and/or revision, I have updated the following:
###action: Trigger Macro by Name [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

###Primary Changes

  1. ADD info to clarify that, by default, the search is for the typed characters in the macro name or contents
  2. ADD How to Use
  3. ADD How to Filter using Search Strings
  4. ADD Example with screenshot
  5. ADD icon

###Software Change Request

  • Change the default search to be macro names that start with the typed characters.

  • Rationale for Change
    • Since the name of this Action is “Trigger by Name”, I found it very surprising, and counterintuitive, for the default search to include the macro contents.
    • IMO, it would be very rare for the user to want/prefer to search contents
    • In that case, the all: qualifier could be used.
    • I also expected it to search for words in the Macro name that start with what I typed.
    • By searching for characters within the word, it results in many false positives

It searches for matches anywhere in the macro, but it selects macros whose names start with what you have typed.

So it should find a lot of matches, but select the one you are looking for if you type a specific name, and if you are looking more broadly then it should find that too.

Peter, yes but it is still counter-intuitive to an Action which is Trigger by Name

In a pratical sense it results in many more items in the list than expected.
For example, if I type "EN" then I expect only those macros that have words that start with "EN". But here is what I get:

IMO, you should restrict the search to ONLY those Macos whose NAME contains the typed characters.