Wiki Update: Troubleshooting

Submitted for your review, comment, and revision, I have added the following section to the Troubleshooting article:
###Run-Away Login Macros

This is a new section.

Just added a section on Reinstalling Keyboard Maestro.

I just pointed to forum post. Should it be included directly?

  • I would normally, but that page is already very, very long.

I’ve removed that.

There should basically never be a case where reinstalling Keyboard Maestro is useful. The only exception would be if the app itself got corrupted, and about the only case for that would be if you had a corrupted harddisk, and reinstalling Keyboard Maestro will not be the solution to the problem.

If you have a macro that is so badly done that you cannot do anything, then restart with the shift key held down so nothing launches, launch Keyboard Maestro with all the modifiers down so the Keyboard Maestro Engine is not launched, and disable the macro. I have added this, and a comment about disabling or removing the trigger to the wiki entry.

Reinstalling Keyboard Maestro is not a useful part of the process.

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OK, but just for the record:

  • My reinstall procedure helped the user fix the issue of the run-away login macro.
  • While I haven’t seen corruption in the KM app, I have seen it in other apps. Usually it is not the app itself, but some of the supporting files that are installed with the app installation.
  • I don’t see the harm in providing a reinstall procedure. Granted it should be noted that this should be the last troubleshooting option, after all others have been exhausted.

@peternlewis, I have revised your revision to be consistent with the above style, and to provide explicit details for the user.

See Run-Away Login Macros

We have to keep in mind that the user is probably in panic mode when they are reading the troubleshooting instructions, and they may not be familiar with common shortcuts and processes, like Safe Mode.

So we need to be as explicit as possible. :wink:

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