Wiki Update: While Conditions Are Met Action

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###While Conditions Are Met Action

###Primary Changes

  • Add sections and reorganize
  • Rewrite to clarify usage
  • Add screenshot of new action
  • Add links to KM elements

EDIT: 2017-03-01 4:55 PM CT

  • Added section on “Exiting the While Loop”

First of all, I think that is a terrible example for our Wiki. It was already there when I made my edits, and I did not pay much attention to it. I will work on coming up with a better, real-world, example.

Having said that, the Action works as designed, and as I expected. As soon as the While conditions are NOT met, the loop is exited. This means that


  1. Finder is NOT frontmost
  2. The Keys ⌘⇧ are pressed

THEN the loop will exit.

The Action is a loop, NOT the macro.

Yeah. It was a stupid question. Withdrawn.

Please consider restoring your question.
It was NOT a stupid question.

If you had this question, then most likely others will also.
This type of logic is NOT well known or understood by a lot of people, especially those that have limited programming experience.
Your question, and my answer, will help them understand.

As a result, I have updated the Wiki to hopefully better explain the logic.
I would appreciate your review of this to let me know if it makes sense to you, or if you would have suggestions to improve.


Looks good.

It’s probably a bad idea to duplicate the list of conditions since it will just be one more thing to get out of sync later. So I’ve put in the TOC for the conditions section instead. This also means they are all direct links to the conditions, which is probably better as well.

I agree. The list was already there before my revision.
I like having the Conditions TOC embedded by reference.