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Windows Related Tokens

The actual name of this page is:

However, that name is grossly misleading, as a multitude of redirects go to this page, including links from the KM App Help function.

As with a number of other Wiki pages where there are many redirects, there needs to be a complete reorganization, so that features with common attributes can point to a common page that is NOT labeled as one specific feature, like this one is.

I have done a quick revision to this page to try to make it more understandable by users who don’t understand the subject, and are looking for answers.

At this point, I’d suggest that it be checked for technical accuracy and clarity.

@peternlewis, BTW, please quit referring to data in KM as being an “array”.
This is grossly misleading, since there is no such thing as a variable array – there are ONLY text variables, that allow manipulation via the %Calculate% token.

All of the info that I added to this page I found very, very hard to find, and in fact, I had to create a test macro to confirm what I thought I knew.

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Looks good.

FrontWindowFrame predates WindowFrame which allows any indexed window to be referenced. It’s probably more or less deprecated, but will likely live on indefinitely.

Variables which contain a sequence of comma separated numbers can be treated as arrays and indexed in calculations using the form VarName[Index]. This predates the dot-notation which is generally more useful for frames and positions. And indeed the support for treating variables as an array of numbers was largely implemented to allow easy access to individual elements of a frame or position.

Variables which contain a sequence of (anything) separated text can also be treated as arrays in text context using the new %Variable%VarNameIndex% format.

I’m looking at the page trying to figure out how to split up/merge the pages, because you’re right, its a bit of a mess at the moment.

There are either tokens:

  • %FrontWindowFrame%
  • %FrontWindowName%
  • %FrontWindowPosition%
  • %FrontWindowSize%
  • %WindowFrame%
  • %WindowName%
  • %WindowPosition%
  • %WindowSize%

The “Front” variants predate the more general ones and probably make sense to just redirect to the general ones.

The Frame, Position and Size could probably also all be on a single page since they all have to deal with similar issues, just the Position and Size give the two halves of the entry.

But Name is almost entirely different.

So I’m thinking just two pages:

WindowFrame which is more or less unchanged from the page you edited. And it deals with the six tokens {Front}Window{Frame,Position,Size}.

WindowName which is more or less completely different that documents {Front}WindowName.

How does that sound?

That sounds good to me. A definite improvement.
Thanks for taking a look at this.

OK, hopefully that is sorted out now.