Wiki update

Well, that was a nightmare. I updated the wiki server, which then updated php to version 7, which required updating the dokuwiki code, which broke half the plugins.

I have got it working again, but I strongly suspect that not all the plugins are working fully, and not all the patches I had made are still in existence.

So if you notice anything wrong on the wiki, let me know and I’ll try to figure it out (again, perhaps).

Hopefully this doesn’t lead in to a disaster updating the forum tomorrow.

Peter, I'm not sure I know what the plugins are, and where they are used.
Can you suggest some areas on the wiki that we should review?

The plugins that specifically complained were: anchor, markdowku, orphanswanted, tootip, keyboard and nbsp.

nbsp doesn’t work anymore (that mapped backslosh space to a non breaking space), you can use “(nbsp)” instead.

But there could be any number of other changes.

And I’m sure I patched a few more cases regarding spaces or underscores or case usage, but I foolishly did not keep a copy of the original install or track the changes so I can’t compare what it was. I’ve added a DokuWiki page to try to track these things a bit better.

Great idea. How about adding the list of plugins to that page, unless there is some way we can see them directly, then just provide a link.