Wildcards in the Editor search/filter field and in smart groups

I've read quite a bit on the forums about the way smart groups should work. I haven't read any suggestion about wildcards allowed in the search/filter field of the editor.

I would like to be able to end a group name with " ONLY" (presumably with the group configured to be active in a particular application), then include in a search (or create a smart group with) -group:*" ONLY". This would exclude macros in these groups.

My particular purpose for this is currently to see a list of macros "generally exposed" to the system, rather than exposed within one app. I could then plan my hotkeys better using this smart group list.

Hope I'm making sense :neutral_face:

I'm replying to myself! Oh, for a minute more research! However, this might be helpful to some searching on the "wildcard" / "wild card" terms.

At the Keyboard Maestro wiki page:

The list of Search Strings includes an entry: "global".

This term will "Match any macro within any macro group that is globally active". Presumably, that would naturally exclude macros that are limited to be active within a particular application.

Hey John,

In addition to Smart Groups you can use the Trigger Macros by Name action to pop-up a list.

Trigger Macro by Name -- Global- Enabled.kmmacros (1.4 KB)

The resulting pop-up window looks like this:

And you can elaborate on the search.

Hotkey is one of the search terms, so you can search for specific hotkeys if desired.

This Keyboard Maestro Action has one glaring deficit however – if the name is too long the keyboard shortcut is NOT shown.

This could be “easily” remedied if @peternlewis would add the keyboard shortcut to the macro-info panel on the right side of the pop-up window, so let's petition Peter for this feature-improvement request.

** It is possible to option-double-click on a macro and go-to it in the Keyboard Maestro Editor, but that's very awkward when all you want to know is the keyboard shortcut.


@Jamag et al:

Just to clarify for others, the Trigger Macro by Name action automatically limits the macros to

your active, enabled Macros

So, using en: in the search box has no effect, other than to show all of your macros that are available with or without it. IOW, using gl: en: or just gl: produces the same list.

The Trigger Macro by Name action is good for selecting a macro to trigger/execute, but not so much for selecting macros to edit/review, because many macros will be excluded when the KM Editor is active/frontmost.

There are several techniques to help with selecting Macros in the KM Editor:

  1. Groups and Smart Groups -- the point you are making
    • I use this a lot
    • I have Smart Groups for stuff like "Dev", "RegEx", "TextExpansion", etc.
  2. KM Editor Global Search (⌘⌥F)
  3. This macro by @DanThomas: Go To Macro by Name (Spotlight)
    • This is my favorite -- the one I use the most to quickly start editing a macro whose Name (or parts of it) that I know.
  4. The "Recently Edited Macros" button/popup menu
    • Click and Hold will show the menu of Macros in order last edited
    • A simple click will toggle back to the prior last edited macro
    • I have a shortcut (actually a button on my mouse) for this, since I use it so often
  5. The "Recently Run Macros" button/popup menu



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