Will this abbreviation clash?

Scrabble masters will scoff, but I sometimes find that my text-expansion abbreviations fire off in the middle of an English word that I hadn't thought of.

Here is a macro which does a quick pre-flight check for any Anglo words that you hadn't thought of when you chose a string-expansion abbreviation.

This macro prompts for a few letters, and then lists any words in the unix dict which contain them as substrings.

(I did try an AppleScript copy of it, but it proved unspeakably slow ... perhaps others will have more luck ... this version uses JavaScript)

Will this abbreviation clash ?.kmmacros (25.8 KB)


Perhaps one could also invert this macro, deriving one which simply showed the desperate abbreviator:

  1. the 106 diglyphs which show up nowhere in the unix dict: ["bk","bq","bx","bz","cj","cv","cw","cx","dx","fq","fv","fx","fz","gc","gq","gv","gx","hj","hx","hz","jb","jc","jd","jf","jg","jh","jj","jk","jl","jm","jn","jp","jq","js","jt","jv","jw","jx","jy","jz","kq","kv","kx","kz","lq","lx","mg","mj","mk","mx","mz","pq","px","pz","qb","qc","qd","qf","qg","qh","qi","qj","qk","ql","qm","qn","qo","qp","qq","qr","qs","qt","qv","qw","qx","qy","qz","sx","tq","vb","vf","vg","vj","vm","vn","vq","vw","vx","wj","wq","xd","xj","xk","xm","xr","xz","yy","zb","zc","zf","zh","zj","zk","zn","zq","zx"] and / or the
  2. 11731 (out of 17576 possible) triglyphs which remain unused in that document … Anglo-Saxon seems to use quite a limited repertoire of those …

That’s one reason I start all of my text-expansion triggers with a character very unlikely to occur in the context. I use the semicolon ; like this: