Willing to hire pro for help

Pro-Tools user who just doesn’t have the time to figure out how to make Keyboard Maestro work with it. Gave it about 1.5 hours yesterday, but am clearly missing something and wasn’t able to find the answers I needed.

Are you a pro? Would you mind having a Skype session–or something like it? Happy to pay you. I’m sure what I’m looking to do is not complicated, and you may well have a simple answer that leads to a “Eureka” for me.

Help please?


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If you don’t get an answer to this, I encourage you to pick one relatively simple concrete thing you want to do with Pro Tools and ask that on the forum (as a new topic).

Hey Jonathan,

I think I can help you with your questions. I’m a Mac productivity expert from the Netherlands and Keyboard Maestro is one of the tools I teach to my clients.

Please sent me an e-mail to find the right moment.

With kind regards,


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Great to hear from you, Mike. I’m available for the next few hours. Please email me at my primary address if you would: jon (at) JonathanLockwood (dot com).


My thanks to mikeverbruggen for his fine tutorial today on making Keyboard Maestro work for my application. I was obviously under the impression this would be a much simpler process than it was. As busy as I am, I found it simply a waste of my time to teach myself. I’m really grateful Mike answered this post. As a Dutch guy in Amsterdam, his English was very good–and his approach was slow and sure, making sure I was understanding each step by showing examples.

Thanks again, Mike! (Highly Recommended)



I wish there were whole category here making it easy for potential clients -- like @Jonathan_Lockwood -- to find potential consultants -- like @mikeverbruggen .

Like searching for a personal trainer:
personal, private, focused.
"Business class" as an alternative to the "economy class" of random conversations on public forums.

A "KM Market Place" category.

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Hi Mark,

Thats a great idea.

Last month a client said he searched for an Keyboard Maestro Consultant and found nothing. He was a bit surprised. But in the end he found me.

Is there something I can do for you?

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@mikeverbruggen -

Thanks for your message.

Yes, some of my KM macros could benefit from a thoughtful, "second opinion".
I’m happy to pay for consulting expertise.

However, we better not discuss that here.
Only in private email.
It might be prohibited to discuss consulting here, because, you know, because it's for money.
Someone, somewhere, someday, might feel offended by any mention of the word money, and that could be a violation of forum policies.

I’m being real careful, because I’ve been informed, in very strong terms (very strong) to stop offending anybody, about anything, on this forum.

So if you see any spellling mistakes I’ve made, DO NOT correct themm here, or you might get a strongly worded message yourself.
And, for gosh sakes, DO NOT post here that you disagree with anything I’ve ever posted.
You might get another strongly worded message accusing you of accusing me of lying, or something.

So, let’s move to private email.
But I won’t check email until later in the day.
Earlier this morning, I finished building two, heavy-duty, KM macros, and I’m hungry.
It is now breakfast time here in Bangkok, and the aroma of sausage, eggs, and hash browns is floating out from the kitchen.

(If anybody is offended by the aroma of pork sausage, well, I just don’t know what to say.)

:wink: :wink: :wink: