Window opening in Avid MC as a trigger

Hi folks,

When I open a window in Avid Media Composer its position and scaling is often complete random.

Is there a way to determine the window opening as a trigger in KM to execute a resize/reposition macro?


The Focused Window trigger should be able to detect the window appearing. You'll need to figure out if it is an appropriate time to resize the window, but if you always want the window the correct size then it probably wont matter if you do it more than once.

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Thanks Peter,
it does work... Too good, meaning it resizes/repositions also my Timeline-window and Composer window.
Is there a way to exclude certain windows (I could define those by name or initial position)

With the If/Then/Else-parameter I was able to make it work.
Thanks again Peter.
Window resizer.kmmacros (4.3 KB)

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