Window Positioning & Sizing Doesn't Work

Hi and good day,

This is what I want to do:

Will execute the following actions:

	Move Front Window to Position In Google Chrome 
	To: 2558 horizontally, 44 vertically.

Window stays left hand side.

	Resize Front Window by Pixels By: 1000 horizontally, 700 vertically.

Window is resized over the entire 27'' screen.

Have I missed something here?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Omar KN

Both of these are easy tasks for KM. See Manipulate a Window action.
There are several different options. Make sure you choose the correct one.

If you want us to help debug your macro, please upload your macro .

I am guessing this is a limitation in MacOS but I can't ever seem to get Windows to resize vertically ever. It seems that the OS will let them spread across windows horizontally but never virtically. Am I dong some thing wrong?

I have four displays two on top of each other and the other two side by side each other. I have moved the main window in System Preferences to different monitors to see if that has an affect and it doesn't. Mission Control has "Displays have separate Spaces" turned off. I have even tried turning it on to see if that would help things and I can not get a window to spread across two displays though I can do it manually with a click and drag.

Hey @skillet,

You're clearly doing something wrong.

Firstly -- what version of macOS are you using?

Secondly -- try this:

Resise the Front Window in the Front Application by -100.kmmacros (4.6 KB)


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply, that is what I used but with increase by 200 and it would never go across vertical screens. I am using the latest version of Catilina 10.15. For some reason resize apps work across horizontal screens but as soon as you place them on top of each other in System Preferences then the OS tries to snap things. I have tried Breeze which is an app that does this for dual window resizing and it can't do it either when the screens are vertical. Does it work for you? Ideally I want to just double the size vertically so it goes across two monitors.

Hey @skillet,

I think your earlier post didn't quite make it clear you were trying to span vertical screens.

I do believe that is not possible.


Oh sorry about that, I can see how that was unclear. Hopefully one day that will be possible, it is extremely curious why we can not. I have 150 audio tracks I am dealing with and would really like to see as many as I can at once vertically. I have one edit bay that has two screens stacked vertically but not ideal for just about everything else.

Perhaps you need to run a monitor in portrait view.


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