Window Resizer Mode (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) (Taller, Wider, Shrink) Suite

Hi, I see that there is no one that shared macro(s) like these.

This Macro group lets user resize a side of window and keep incrementing by 10 unit while holding the key. In my case I use Hyper-R to show Resizer Palette:
Resizer Mode Palette
The characters inside parentheses resemble W A S D standard movement for videogame, that I am familiar with (you can change it to, say, K H J L respectively to follow Vi's navigation).
Resizer Right Palette
Then, if you press A or D once, it will decrement/increment the right side of front-most window 10 pixel. Press and hold the key to keep resizing the window 10 pixel per 0.1 second.

Screenshot of the main macro named Resize Mode

Screenshot of macro Resize (D) Right

Screenshot of macro Resize Right (D) Wider

Caveat: if you keep holding a key after 2 seconds, macOS will trigger a beep as if you send an incompatible keyboard shortcut to an app. The held key should never be sent to the app which window resized, but I do not know how to work around that.

The script:

Window Resizer Macros.kmmacros (24.8 KB)


Demo GIF (11 seconds, 3 MegaBytes):
GIF Animation Demo of this script

Updated the Macro Group to include symmetrical resizing:

Window Resizer Macros (v9.2)

Window Resizer Macros.kmmacros (37 KB)