Window resizing extremely slow after 11.0.2

I have a macro that resizes all apps windows after I disconnecting Studio Display. That macro would run under 2 seconds before latest update, but now it takes around 10 seconds.

Can you please fix it?


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I've been having this same problem.

I also am having this issue on 11.0.2 on Monterey 12.7.1. Other macros may also be affected. I will update when I am sure.

On another thread someone posted a similar problem, and I provided a fix/workaround. But I can only fix problems if I can see the macro.

So far I've heard of problems of this kind only for macOS Sonoma, but you are saying it's also a problem for macOS Monterey. I don't have Monterey anymore. I don't have the original poster's Studio Display either, but I might be able to help if I saw the macros.

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Here is the very simple Macro that is fast on KM 11.0.1 and much slower on KM 11.0.2

If you have any suggestions - please let us know.

For those who are experiencing the same problem, this has solved it.