Window Resizing: Question

I'm trying to make a macro that will resize a window to be the same size as half of the screen, but it goes into the center. I've succeeded in that but I have a total of 3 27 inch displays and every single time the macro will put the window on the middle display and I never told it to do that. Anyone have any ideas?

Better yet: Does anyone know of a fully fleshed out macro for window resizing with all everything that magnet can do but even better?

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 6.14.44 AM

I was going to tell it to do the keystrokes that I'd do to resize windows with Magnet but the move window left/right shortcuts did nothing at all triggered by Keyboard Maestro.

Technically you did tell it to do that with the Main portion of your first action. Replace Main with First, Second, or Third.

I have some macros I could share with you a little later if you still have trouble.


Oh that does make sense - I wouldn't have dreamed it would default to resizing to a specific display and not the current one...Can "Main" be replaced with "Current"? Anyway, that helps a lot!

If it's not too much trouble for you - I'm always after more ideas for macros. Looking at macros other people have made and figuring out how they work is how I like to learn & I've done a lot with Keyboard Maestro in the several days that I've had it. I know a lot of macros that I want to make, but, other people will always have ideas that I won't. If you know of macros of any complexity that would dramatically speed up tasks you can share!

Additionally, If you know of any massive collections of macros that would help a lot! Are there any websites that have huge collections of macros similar to how there's websites with thousands of Alfred workflows? Browsing the forum some can be found, the problem is there's just not collections of macros in one place.

I'm pretty sure I have this macro in particular figured out, if I mess up again I'll post a followup.

Thanks so much!

Absolutely, just use Front, and it will reposition the window on whatever screen it's already on.

You also don't need the second action to center it; all of this can be accomplish in one action like so:

Center front window ½ size.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

Macro screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

I'll send you more info on my personal reposition macros later on.

As for a collection of macros, see this thread, I think you'll like it.

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Thanks a lot!

Are you a user of Alfred/Final Cut Pro/Hazel? I'm trying to find ideas for Keyboard Maestro + automating actions in those apps. I'm not new to FCP or Alfred but I don't know much about Hazel and it looks like it's incredibly powerful.

You're very welcome!

I use Alfred, but only to replace Spotlight. I also use Hazel, but all my rules are pretty basic and are things that I can and have replicated with KM. I don't use FCP at all, but there are others on here who do. If you do a forum search for those three apps (or even a Google search outside of this forum) no doubt you will find more ideas. :+1:t2:

Here's my macro group for repositioning windows. I don't hardly use it since I use Rectangle to do the same thing, BUT sometimes I will call these using an Execute a macro action as part of a separate macro.

About the only ones I use with any frequency are macros 01, 03 and 28-31. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions or comments about them!

Window Snapper Macros.kmmacros (360.7 KB)

Macro group screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Awesome, will do!

Is rectangle better than Magnet or Moom? Those are the two I use. Moom allows you to set snapshots of currently open windows and set keyboard shortcuts to them.

Does Keyboard Maestro allow you to do that too? Can it look at currently open windows and automatically input actions with the window coordinates?

I used to use Magnet until some unknown issues with a Big Sur updated caused windows to no longer reposition properly. So I switched to Rectangle. Turns out, it wasn’t Magnet, and Rectangle (and KM) had the same issues. I never figured it out but a subsequent update fixed the issue.

So Rectangle and Magnet are the same to me. I have no experience with Moom. BetterTouchTool also allows you to “take snapshots”. I imagine this is doable with KM but not without a lot of legwork. Some things are just better left to apps dedicated to the function.

I have better touch tool - I haven't opened it in so long I forget what the UI looks like but I've heard people say repeatedly that it's overcomplicated and just buy Moom or Magnet. Moom is more powerful than Magnet and Rectangle, if it does the same thing as Magnet.

Fair enough.

What things do you use dedicated apps for instead of Keyboard Maestro? Hazel is one of them, it's a lot simpler with Hazel? I have it, I know some of what it can do and the interface looks pretty user friendly.