Window size condition

My Problem: For unknown reasons, my mac tends to open new windows at a size that is almost maximized but just shy by a few pixels in each direction. It’s annoying because I can see just a sliver of what’s behind the window and my general workflow is “front window always maximized”.

Logic I need: Something along the lines of “When the front window changes, if it’s size is very close to maximized, maximize it”.

I already have the maximize macro working fine with a hot key so it’s not a big deal to fix this each time, but I’m looking for a clever way to automate it.

There seems to be no out-of-the-box window condition in KM that gives you the dimensions of the front window. If I had that, I think I could build something workable.

I tried just “when the front application changes, maximize the front window” but that also affected dialog boxes and caused some havoc.

Having this exact problem, I would like to be able to check if a window is maximized/full screen and then if not I can get KM to fix it. Very occasionally iTunes will start up as a normal window instead of full screen, damned annoying. I can’t automatically do a command control F on launch (as I do for Tweetdeck & Readkit) as it’s a toggle. Most of the time it starts full screen as it should, but every now and then, aaagh.
KM could sort it but I can’t think how without a window max/full screen check. Unless some bright spark out there can think of something…

You can trigger on the focussed window changes and then apply your desired actions.

Note that sometimes the system refuses to resize the windows to certain sizes when the window is near the edge.

The problem isn’t the trigger, it’s the condition. If I just maximize every window when the focused window changes, it applies to dialogs too and things get screwed up. So my second idea was conditionally maximize when I can determine the front window is already almost maximized and just tweak it to be 100%.

A lot of folks (including me) map the Caps Lock key to a Hyper key and then use Command-Control-Option-Shift for various global hot keys.

Also, in most normal applications, you can use the Control key by itself for hot keys.

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So more googling indicates others are having similar frustrations and the gap is related to the position of the dock. I have near-zero use for the dock so it’s always hidden. I moved it from the left to the right and the issue is still there but it’s much less annoying on the far right side of the screen as generally the important bits of most UIs don’t end up on the right edge.

I don’t know where this non-feature came in, since I recently upgraded from 10.8 to 10.11, but I hate the default window size. It is particularly annoying when using auto-hide menubar. Auto-hide Dock is also a problem.