Window Switcher Doesn't Switch Safari Tabs Anymore?

I could swear that I was able to switch through the safari tabs with window switcher (^+Tab) but since today the window switcher does only switch between actual Safari Windows.

Am I completely mistaken here that this behavior changed?


I've never used CTRL-TAB before, but I just tried it, and it switches between tabs in Safari.

I will take a wild guess and hypothesize that you have a KM macro that's assigned CTRL-TAB as a hotkey. Try turning off the KM engine and see if you get it working that way.

Is in your test the KM window switcher active or is it just the standard system shortcut where you simply hop one tab to the right inside safari?

For me when I turn of the KME and go to safari the hot key works and I can hop 1 tab to the right.

But I am nearly absolutely sure that until yesterday it was possible to switch between safari tabs via the KM window switcher. I am not at my Mac right now so I can't provide a screen shot. I will deliver one tomorrow.

I just tried it both ways and they both work. HOWEVER I just noticed that the KM switcher doesn't let me switch between all of the open windows, just some of them, roughly half of the open windows. That's not what I would expect it to do, but then again, I've never used that feature before.

My best guess is that you have CTRL-TAB assigned to some macro. Did you check that?

It is assigned to window switcher.

Also the window switcher is working as before. Just in the lower part of the WS there is now no longer the possibility to choose a tab of safari by pressing ctrl+tab over and over. It only shows different windows of safari.

How do you switch tabs when yo are not used to ctrl+tab? Simply by mouse?

Maybe this due to an update to MacOS 12.1? Are you on the same version?

I tried reinstalling with a new set of macros but no changes.

I'm on 12.1.

Hey @AtKM,

I believe you're quite mistaken about this one...

Window Switcher user manual section.

Safari with one window an three tabs open on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave using Keyboard Maestro 10.0.2:



This is how it looks to me. But in my mind it displayed the tabs in the list at the bottom and sleepy says it is that way for him.

Idk i remapped the shortcut for windowswitcher now so I can use the mac's tab switching functionality with ctrl+tab

@Sleepy said nothing about tabs – only windows...