Window switcher not working on one application

I started using a new application recently, Visual Studio Code. For some reason the window switcher (the one launched by command-backtick) doesn't work... it just says "no windows available" even when I have multiple VS Code windows up. I can switch between them from the "window" menu of VS Code.

Any idea why the switcher wouldn't work for just this one application?

Yes, I can confirm that behavior on my system (macOS 10.14.6, KM 9.0.3, Visual Studio Code 1.40.2). I guess that the windows in Visual Studio Code, which is based on Electron, somehow are not macOS standard windows. Would be nice if it could be working for Visual Studio Code as well.

Thanks for that information. I tried, by the way, modifying the "launch window switcher" macro by adding an if-then-else, so that it only launched the switcher when VS Code was not the front application, but that didn't work right. Whenever it launched the switcher (i.e. whenever I typed cmd-backtickk while VS Code was not the front window), it would initially work right and I could switch between windows by tapping cmd-`, but when I released cmd it wouldn't go to the window I selected. Instead the switcher would just stay up.

Oh, I should say that I tried that because when the KM macro is disabled, cmd-` works okay on VS Code.

Any idea how to modify that macro so that it doesn't launch the switcher when VS code is the front application?

The Group the macro belongs to can be set to exclude particular applications.

I can't really follow you here, could you please clarify? (Do you want to disable the macro to get rid of the “No windows available” message from the Window switcher?) I may misunderstand your aim, what we want is to be able to use the window switcher for VS Code just as any other application, right?

Ideally the KM window switcher would work with VS Code, but if not, I'd still like the MacOS function of cmd-` to work so that I can switch from a VS Code window to other VS Code windows with cmd-`. Mrpasini's solution worked to do that.

Thanks for clarifying. Actually, I had completely forgotten about the macOS built-in function to switch between windows of the same app because I've disabled it and used the KM function instead for several years, thanks for the reminder :smiley: Now I understand the usefulness of disabling the KM switcher for VS Code.