Window Title Condition Not Reliable With Windows in Full-Screen Mode

I'm trying to test if Zoom is in a meeting, using the condition "Any widow title of application contains Zoom Meeting". My goal is to use a repeated "while application is running" trigger to exit zoom automatically when a meeting ends.

This seems to work normally, but if the window is fullscreened, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

WINDOWCOUNT would also be an option, except it only works on the front application, and I don't want to bring zoom to the front every time I check if a meeting is active.

Hey @T.C,

Once you place a window in full-screen mode the macOS doesn't see it as a window anymore – it's seen as a space. Apple doesn't provide a public API for spaces, so Peter's ability to work with them is very limited.

What web browser are you using for Zoom?

If it's scriptable there are some options.


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No browser, I'm using the native app.

However, I discovered that there is a separate process that is running when a meeting is active, so I can detect that via shell script.

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